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What does renters insurance cover?

1/20/2020 (Permalink)

large water damage in a dining room/living room with water depths close to 1 foot deep.  Couch, dining table, chairs floating Get renters insurance

Renters insurance or tenant insurance helps cover the cost of unexpected damages such as water damage, fire damage, sewage back ups, theft, or visitor/guest gets injured in your home.  Renters insurance is typically utilized after a fire or water damage.  

Some different types of coverage for renters insurance are personal property, liability, and additional living expenses.  The personal property covers, up to policy agreed limits, the cost to repair or replace your personal belongings.  Personal property could be damaged clothing, furniture or electronics.  Liability may cover accidental property damages to a neighbors property.  Additional living expenses covers the expenses incurred, hotel stay and food expenses, if your rental property is not livable after a covered loss such as a large fire or water damage.  All coverage's have policy limits set in place.  Be sure to contact your insurance agent to sign up for the coverage that suits your needs.  Check into your policy to learn how much coverage you have in place for each type of coverage you sign up for.  Renters insurance will save you time and money when those unexpected events happen.    

Hard Water

1/13/2020 (Permalink)

drying equipment in a affected room with a written slogan "Drying down to a science" Water mitigation

Hard water can create water damages in your home or business.  The calcium buildup in the plumbing can cause areas of the pipes to eventually clog up and water pressure increases in the pipes, at which time the pipe can burst, creating water damage throughout your home or business.  

Our tri-state area is known to have hard water.  Most homes and businesses in our area install a water softener to help extend the life of the plumbing and mitigate this hard water issue.  Water softeners help break down the high mineral content that creates calcium and magnesium carbonates buildup. 

If you are affected by water damage, don't hesitate to call SERVPRO of Lake Havasu City/Bullhead City/Kingman.  Our SERVPRO team is more than qualified to mitigate the water damage and complete the proper drying needed to get you back to your everyday life. "Like it never even happened."