Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Residential garage fire with fallen drywall and insulation on top of a classic car. Black visible smoke damage throughout

Disaster strikes at a residential property

Local fire started in the garage.  Fire can damage your most prized possessions at a moment's notice.  This type of damage can cause a homeowner to feel devastated until they call SERVPRO of Lake Havasu City/Bullhead City/Kingman.  The owner was extremely happy with how quickly SERVPRO was able to clean up the debris and soot.   

supply room of a commercial building that had a fire started by an industrial dryer. Created smoke damage

Commercial building fire damage in the supply room

Fire started in the supply room of a commercial building, cause of loss was an industrial sized dryer that malfunctioned and overheated.  Severe smoke damage throughout the area and a strong odor filled the supply room.  Our SERVPRO of Lake Havasu City/Bullhead City/Kingman technicians are certified in fire and smoke restoration.   

Garage fire boarded up. Garage door removed and temporarely placed in the driveway, black smoke visible on stucco.

Residential garage fire

Local residence suffers from a garage fire.  SERVPRO of Lake Havasu City/Bullhead City/Kingman immediately removed the damaged roll up garage door and boarded up the opening for security of the home.  SERVPRO also completed the fire restoration in the garage, to include the smoke and odor cleaning inside the rest of the home.  

Aftermath of a garage fire. Two vehicles burnt down to the frame. All the drywall and insulation no longer intact.

Fire damage

This was the aftermath of a large fire in the garage.  Garage fires are very common.  The cause of fire on this particular loss was unidentified.  Fire cleanings are done with extreme detail as soot can affect even areas that did not catch on fire.    

Inside a residential home after all drywall, insulation, and flooring has been removed.  Cleaned and sanitized.


  This house fire ran wild through the whole inside of the house. The house was vacant at the time of the fire. This particular picture is of the living room,  after everything has been removed down to the wood frame.

middle of a fire mitigation process. drywall removed from walls, damaged drywall on the ceiling with dark smoke damage

Bedroom Fire

This is a picture of a bedroom fire in Lake Havasu City, AZ.  We took out all the contents and dry wall. We came back shortly after this picture was taken and did the full reconstruction.

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