Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Storm damaged Roof & Awning

Wind Storm Damage

Living in a hot desert, shingle roofs get old and dry out. Mobile Homes and homes with old style shingles are the type that really get hit hard by storm season. When this is ignored and not repaired, the entire situation escalates causing water to drip in to ceiling cavity, build up, then that is when the water really damages the home internally.

By the time the customer decided to get help, the outer roof and awning damages from the storm, had ruined the inner ceiling as well. The team at SERVPRO was able to help quickly in doing a temporary Tarp type covering outside, then began assessing the inside damages for the customer. 

This customer was able to get assistance financially from her Home Insurance which was a very safe choice for her as the mold growth between ceiling and damaged roof proved to have been growing quite a while from prior rain.

Storm leak came through in Parker area

Ceiling weighed down by water leak

Mobile Homes are easily affected by heavy wind and rain storms. Our Parker area customer had a roof leak and the water that came in through this area, was collecting within the ceiling and roof rafter area until it weighed enough to push the ceiling down inward at the kitchen area.

While work is being done up on roof, we have secured the fallen ceiling and will repair that once leak is repaired on roof.

Wind Storm Roof Damage

High Wind Roof Damage

High winds during Monsoon sweeps through Kingman causing Customers home roof to loose many shingles and knocked the tree over in to their roof.  SERVPRO can help remove debris from the wind damage and also tarp over the damaged roof to prevent further damages until a licensed roofer can make the proper repairs. 

Inside Damage to Roof and inner ceiling during a Monsoon Storm

Monsoon Storm Damage

Not only does storm damage really affect the outer roofs in Lake Havasu but the storm can be strong enough that it rips the whole roof off and actually damages inside the home clear through the inner ceilings as well.

A couple inches of water flooded streets in Lake Havasu City Arizona.  Vehicles driving and splashing water from the tires

Monsoon season in Lake Havasu City

If your home or business has been damaged by the storms, our technicians at SERVPRO of Lake Havasu City/Bullhead City/Kingman are here to help with the solution to fix your problem.

commercial building had a roof leak after the rain. Ceiling tile saturated to the point of breaking and falling to the floor.

Rain will find your leak in the roof

Commercial building had a roof leak over the weekend saturating the ceiling tile to the point of collapsing and affecting the drywall and commercial grade carpet.  We extracted the water from the carpet and dried the affected area.