Water Damage Photo Gallery

Drying Out 1 room in home

Barrier built for dry out

When 1 room gets a leak and needs heavy dry out, a barrier is very important to get right so that all machines can stay in an area designated for dry out.

commercial bathroom after the removal of affected wall tiles and drywall behind the toilet and sink. Cleaned and sanitized.

Not all water is clean water.

This was the aftermath of a toilet overflow.  Affected areas assessed by a calibrated moisture meter.  Materials had to be removed according to Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) standards due to the type of water affecting materials. 

Drying process with 4 air movers at the entry of a residential property after water damage affected tile flooring and walls

Residential water damage.

Professional mitigation and drying at a residential water loss.  Equipment clean and organized in the affected area during the drying process to allow for safe foot traffic to prevent a tripping hazard for occupied homes. 

Large home with a sunken in living room, 3 feet deep, that had been flooded with water.

Sunken in living room

A home with a sunken in living room that had been affected by a water damage.  Water was close to 2 feet in depth inside the sunken in living room, furniture in the living room was floating.  

Bathroom vanity with the vanity doors open.  The drywall is visible at the back of the vanity with visible mold growth

Trapped moisture creates microbial growth

This was a situation where the home owner was away for weeks at a time and was unable to catch the leak in time to prevent further damages.  Water leaked behind the vanity and without immediate mitigation, microbial growth starts to affect the wet material.  

Large commercial hallway with many doors.  Drywall removed up to two feet, which has been covered with black plastic


   This was a very large water loss at a commercial building that affected most of the first floor. The commercial business never stopped their work.  We had to go section to section cutting the dry wall and keeping a clean and safe environment.