What our Customers say...

Commercial Testimonials

As a Manager to a very large auto dealership, when I arrived to open the dealership for customers and saw yellow water all over the men's bathroom and down through the auto bays, I knew Id needs it cleaned up quick! SERVPRO sent a team who arrived just 30 minutes after I called and they had a big enough staff with excellent equipment so they had the whole place cleaned up before my plumber even arrived to fix the plumbing. When things like this happen, SERVPRO is the fastest results for sure.

As the Store Manager for a Convenience Store chain, when the back room we use to manage Carbonated Containers for the Soft Drink section, was flooded at opening, I only had 40 minutes to resolve the problem before opening.

It's not every day we have to think about who is best to call. One of my employees suggested a company and they were not able to guarantee fast service as they are not local. I then heard about SERVPRO and if I wouldn't have contacted them, this problem wouldn't have ever been resolved so quickly! 

Great team, fast to respond, and very thorough in repairs and putting things back to how they were.

With Covid-19 closing our branch and myself as the manager working to make the building safe before re-opening to the public, I sure wasn't prepared to risk my employees' safety, so SERVPRO of BHC came suited up for our safety and cleaned and performed a high disinfection process to Carpets, Tile Entry and every surface including customer chairs they sit in. It was so throughout and efficient and SERVPRO even took every bit of the trash away in their Bio-Hazard Containers for the safety of all of us.

SERVPRO really showed professionalism and promptness when my building had a leak from AC and the middle of my carpeted area was soaked with water just before I opened for business. They not only arrived within 30 minutes but they had my carpets looking like they were never wet and my customers couldn't even tell.

With having many rental properties, any time I have trouble it is SERVPRO I call because they are always fast to arrive and professional and do a great job.

SERVPRO has been great throughout the process and always keeping us informed with each phase of the job.