What our Customers say...

Storm Damage Testimonials

I called SERVPRO for help when my roof shingles blew off during the last storm. They came right away and their guys covered the roof where the shingles were gone. They did such a good job, I forgot to even get my roof fixed, and months later when another storm came, when I called for help, they still came back to help again. Couldn't ask for better help.

My roof was old and leaked for many storms so I was very impressed when SERVPRO came. My insurance told me I'd need SERVPRO and they handled mold, old shingles, and my ceiling. Thank you SERVPRO!

The wind and rain hit us hard and my roof and siding was damaged, and I sure appreciated the quality of work done by those guys at SERVPRO because there temporary cover lasted well until the Roof Company was able to do the repairs. 

Back about 3 months ago my roof leaked during a storm and I was real impressed when the SERVPRO Team hurried out to help. Even though their job was done, since I never got the roof fixed, when I had further trouble, SERVPRO supported me and helped me again.

I live in a rural area so my only hope was SERVPRO and even though they are an hour away, when I had storm damage to my mobile home roof they were there right away and not only helped tarp the leaking area, they accessed for damages inside my walls, so I knew I had no mold.

Because I have past experience with the quality work at SERVPRO, and my wife and I are part time to this Havasu Home, being ready, and knowing how to reach SERVPRO during Monsoon Weather, will be very comforting when we experience high winds and if my Roof Leaks because Ill trust this Team even if I am out of Arizona, to repair and protect my home.