What our Customers say...

Fire Damage Testimonials

Before my home caught fire, I had no idea what SERVPRO does. After my insurance told me about SERVPRO, and I called them to help, they came quickly, really helped me sift thru the leftover mess and totally removed all my personal stuff to keep it safe, cleaned it, and really worked to remove damage and rebuild my home. Not sure what I would have done without their assistance and knowledge!

SERVPRO was a real blessing and supported my homes needs after a house fire near dining room that made a mess in my yard as well and those guys handled all of the mess!

As a local builder in Mohave County, I normally hesitate in repairing a home after a fire, and when I entered the Gomez home to evaluate the repairs, I was very pleased in how SERVPRO of LHC had demo'd, removed all drywall, encapsulated the framing, and prepped for repairs.

As my husband and I watched our home be cleaned and encapsulated by the SERVPRO Team, I began feeling much more hopeful in being able to return to my home after it was rebuilt, because little at a time, the odor went away, the damages were demo'd and the remainder of the wood was healthy and ready for our builder to put this home back together for our family. 

Very happy with the SERVPRO crew onsite, you guys have made a tragedy feel not so overwhelming. 

After the Fire in our home, once SERVPRO started clean up and demo, the process really started taking off and I can see hope and repairs moving right along!